rox G. - Sun Valley, CA

They really came through for us.  Last Saturday was my sister's surprise bday party.  It was going to be in our backyard in a tent.  But it rained, and it rained, and it was wet and disgusting and I basically woke up hating life that morning as I heard the sound of the rain. Well, we then decided the hell w/it, let's move the party inside.  We moved all the furniture from our friend's house to their garage.  We then moved in all the furniture rental (which we got from another rental company) and set up the party. But then we noticed something that looked rather ghetto.  The kitchen area was right in front of our really cool bar, and right next to our super lit up dance floor, and within clear view from our lounge themed sitting area. We called back our rental company, and asked if they could bring some curtains over.  They said they got nothing.  So I went on Yelp and I found Sir Michaels.  I spoke to Stacey who was so helpful, efficient and sweet.  I told her our issue, and she suggested renting some black curtains, which are attached to these long poles and stands, and we can close off any area we want.  when my husband drove down to Sir Michaels ,he also saw these really cool velvet rope entrance poles... like they have in clubs (which went perfectly with our theme).  So we rented a lot of the curtains, and the velvet rope entrance. OH MY GOODNESS.  It changed the entire party, everything looked awesome and the black curtains were the perfect backdrop.  I can honestly say that if Sir Michael's didn't come through last Saturday, our party would have been nowhere near how cool it was.   The pricing was also incredibly reasonable.  Basically curtains which will cover 10 feet are only $25.  At that price, why stop at the kitchen?  We also closed off the tv area, and went for a whole transformation.  The best part... it all cost about a measly $100. I'll definitely be going back to them.

Angela S. - West Hollywood, CA

I've used Sir Michaels for 4 events. Two Mad Men parties,  my wedding. and last week was for my baby shower. Everything with our Mad Men parties and our wedding went perfect. Last week we had a snafu with chairs for our baby shower but it all got worked out. I still think Sir Michaels has some of the best rates for rentals in L.A. and I like supporting a non-corporate chain. Very friendly staff - feels old school.

Stephaine L. - burbank, CA

I got 4 quotes, Sir Michael's being one of them. Stacy was very friendly and stress free. When I was getting quotes from the other company's it felt like I was buying a car! Sir Michaels came in lowest. I was so happy I called them!

Liz O. - Longbeach, CA

I recently got married (a few days ago) and used Sir Michael's for all my wedding rental needs, including service staff. The process was fairly easy and the prices were definitely better than other rental companies I researched. Sir Michael's was also closest to the wedding location, so it was the perfect match. What I was most impressed by was the service staff. I have to give a shout out to Julio, who was the captain. He took care of all of my guests including myself. He mad sure I had a plate of all of my passed hor dourves and champagne/wine. Even though I didn't eat much or get to taste anything else, he always made sure I was taken care of. I don't think anyone went without and overall, the service staff helped things flow perfectly. I highly recommend Sir Michaels. Their prices are great, their service staff is amazing and although communication prior to your event may be a little slow - shit gets done and you are golden.

Marcia D. - Mountain Ranch, CA

I used Sir Michael's services for my daughter's wedding a couple of weeks ago.  They were great to work with, offering suggestions for local purveyors etc. and even brought out my stuff a day early so I would get good usage out of the commercial refrigerator!  I would definitely recommend this business.

DUY T. - Los Angeles, CA

We used Sir Michael's for my daughter's birthday party this past weekend and the service and price was great. We rented a long table and 12 chairs for the kids to do their crafty projects. They allowed us to pick the table up the day before (Friday) and return the equipment on Monday. The whole thing cost us just $20. Will definitely rent from them again.